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The Chrane Ranch was established in the early 1900’s when George Chrane bought 160 acres in Callahan County and built a house which we call “The Home Place” in 1905. Soon there after, he moved his family from Abilene, TX twenty miles south to Dudley, TX where the ranch is located.  The ranch has remained in the Chrane family continually since then.  George expanded the acreage of the ranch as well as the cattle business rather quickly until the Great Depression hit. Due to the challenges of the Great Depression and heavy drought conditions some of his land was lost, as many ranchers experienced during that time.  From an orphan to a self-made man, George chose to count his losses and focus his attention on the future with an optimistic and determined outlook. He would do whatever it took to keep shelter and food on the table. Over the next decade he would buy neighbors cattle and truck them to Ft. Worth to sell, saving the profits to buy his land back. He humbly claimed that he bought part of the ranch twice!


George and his first wife, Lucy Coffman had 5 children: Odell, Leo, Oleita, Troy and Wanda. Lucy died when her youngest daughter Wanda was about 3 years old.  George then married Mary Lee Howe, known to everyone as “Momma Chrane”, and raised another son named Frank.  At George’s death the land was divided among the children, some of whom purchased the land from the others who were living away from the land. 


Today Frank Chrane and his wife Pat partner with their eldest son Terry and his wife Daphna to keep their part of the legacy of the Chrane Ranch alive. They run a herd of predominantly Black Angus cattle and Dorper sheep as their main livestock. There have been many challenges over the years including drought and brush control, but they proudly stay in operation so future generations can enjoy and maintain the rich heritage of the family’s beloved Ranch!

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