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Raised the right way

It takes time and extra care to raise cattle up to our standards, but we like it the old fashioned way! When you choose Chrane Ranch, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality, most delicious Black Angus beef around. 


When we say our beef is all-natural, we truly mean it. No hormones, steriods, antibiotics, growth implants, or any other artificial supplements. Our cattle have plenty of room to roam, never in unhealthy feedlot type confinement, and always treated humanely.


Our cattle live their days in a low-stress environment, rotating between pastures so they always have fresh green forage as well as plenty of shade and daily attention.  All of our calves are raised right here, not brought in from outside sources or run through a feedlot.


These are standards you can trust. If we wouldnt feed it to our family, we wouldnt expect you to feed it to yours.


Marbled to perfection

Our cattle are grass-fed and grain finished to maximize the marbling, tenderness and overall taste of our steaks. Depending on the season, our cattle will graze on winter wheat or coastal burmuda and finish with an all-natural grain feed, which never has any animal by-products or additives.


Upon request, we can raise fully grass-fed cattle, but most people find the meat less flavorful and less tender due to the leaness of the meat.


Our cattle are humanely harvested at a nearby meat processor that is Texas inspected. All of our beef is dry aged and hangs in a controlled environment (temperature/humidity) before processing.


When beef is dry aged properly, the meat is affected in serveral ways. This process evaporates some of the moisture from the muscle creating a richer flavor. Dry aging also allows the beef's natural enzymes to break down the fibrous tissues, relaxing the proteins in the muscle and naturally tenderizing the meat.


Our butcher takes personal interest in your order and follows old fashioned care in preparing it. The cuts of meat are vacuumed packed and labelled. 


We offer our beef for sale by a whole or half beef, as well as single cuts of steaks, roasts and ground beef at the Abilene Farmer's Market or by special order. All sales are on a first come, first serve basis.


When buying a whole or half beef, you are able to select the thickness of your steaks and roasts and make all the cutting and packaging decisions free of charge. The shank, soup and bone marrow are also available if you like to make stock and soups.


Pricing for a whole or half beef is based on hanging weight. Prices will vary as the cattle market and feed prices change, but we strive to be priced competatively with your local grocery store. We believe that you will be very satisfied! Please give us a call or email if you have any questions.

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